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When people walk into the Main Dharma Hall, they are often deeply impressed by the magnificent work of the artists. The Buddha statue and the alter, the carved wooden relief behind the Buddha statue, the portraits of Seon Masters and Dharma stories, and the Danchung style of painting, which produces a myrid of colors from base colors of blue, red, yellow, white and black are all the work of outstanding artists.

The Buddha statue and the Dharma seat (the chair from which Seon Masters give Dharma talks) were carved by Mr. Chansoo Park, who because of his outstanding skill at carving has been designated as Korean Important Intangible Cultural Asset No.108. He has been working as an artist for many years, and he is the founder and directer of the Mok-A Museum, which specializes in Buddhist wooden arts. The Danchung painting is beautifully done by Mr. Sunggyu Kim, who is a master of painting and gold leaf. Chungwon Sunim, who is also a master of woodcarving, carved the alter, the pedestal for the Buddha statue, and designed and carved the wooden relief.

All the artisans used traditional skills to make those works, but they didn’t let themselves be restricted by traditional ideas. In so doing, they filled the Dharma Hall with light and beauty.