The Teachings of
Daehaeng Kun Sunim
Biography of
Daehaeng Kun Sunim
>> Early Life
>> The Path that is
.....not a Path

>> All beings and
.... things were my
.... teachers


  Daehaeng Kun Sunim was born in Seoul in 1927. By the time of Sunim¡¯s birth, Imperial Japan¡¯s stranglehold on Korea was progressively more cruel and suffocating. Her father had been an officer in the court of the last Korean emperor, and he continued to resist the Japanese occupation. As a result, when Sunim was six years old, the Japanese military government took her family¡¯s house, all their belongings, and their remaining land. They were forced to flee with only the clothes they were wearing. The pitiful situation of his country and family filled her father with despair.

Although Sunim¡¯s father was always friendly and generous with other people, for some reason he poured out all of his anger and frustration onto Sunim, his eldest daughter. Confused and unable to understand why this was happening, she stayed away from the family¡¯s hut as much as possible in order to escape her father¡¯s wrath. She often slept alone in the forest, covering herself with leaves to stay warm. After about two years of such hunger and cold, she noticed that the fear she had felt at being out in the mountains at night was fading, and instead the dark night had gradually become comfortable, warm, and beautiful. However, the rest of the world outside of the forest seemed to be filled with suffering.