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SIZE : 140 x210mm
PAGES : 160
COVER : Paperback
ISBN : 978-84-89624-55-9
PRICE : €16,90
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Ningún Río Que Cruzar

Seon Master Daehaeng’s ability to reach out to a wide audience of both ordained and lay Buddhists is well documented in this anthology No River to Cross. Her method of teaching is disarmingly simple, yet remarkably profound. She is widely known for her insight into people’s character and her ability to draw on that insight to craft teachings that correspond precisely to the needs of her audience. Seon Master Daehaeng emerges in this collection as one of the most creative and accessible of contemporary Korean Buddhist teachers, who can use even the most mundane of daily events as grist for the mill of Buddhist teaching and practice.

[From the preface, by Professor Robert Buswell,
Director of the Center for Buddhist Studies, UCLA]

SIZE : 130 x190mm
PAGES : 160
COVER : Paperback
ISBN :978-89-91857-16-2
PRICE : U.S. $15.95

This work compiles three Dharma talks given by Seon(Zen) Master Daehaeng, where she puts special emphasis on how we can solve the troubles of daily life, from the minor to the fundamental, including the icecaps melting and holes in ozone. She shows us how we all have the ability, through our foundation, to change all of these things for the better. She reminds us clearly and compassionately that we all live under the same roof, sharing the same life and body. Using simple but profound words, and practical wisdom, she explains how the practice of entrusting everything to our inherent “root” can take care of our family, society, and the planet.

SIZE : 120 x190mm
PAGES : 128
COVER : Paperback
PRICE : U.S. $5.00

There is a spark within us that can feed all the beings in the universe. Discover this true essence of yourself and learn how to apply it throughout the world. This essence that the Patriarchs have called “Mind,” is such a vast and profound realm. It is to this that Daehaeng Kun Sunim points the way. This is the first volume of the Spanish series “Practice in Daily Life.” These are bilingual Spanish-English Dharma talks.

SIZE : 148 x210mm
PAGES : 372
COVER : Paperback
89-955350-1-6 (set)
PRICE : U.S. $21.95

Beginning with the hardships of Seon Master Daehaeng’s childhood, this book describes the path she took and the unwavering faith in her foundation that led her to enlightenment. It reveals her early years and the process by which she realized that every single thing in the universe is working and functioning as one. It continues with the years after her enlightenment, when she experimented and applied what she had realized until she ultimately mastered it.

SIZE : 148 x210mm
PAGES : 167
COVER : Paperback
89-955350-1-6 (set)
PRICE : US $12.50

Teachings by Seon Master Daehaeng about One Mind, and its connection with everything in the universe around us. She explains how through this, we can all work to help save our planet. The second half of this book is a collection of questions and answers. Seon Master Daehaeng gives clear answers to those seeking a path through the dissatisfaction and triviality of modern life. She shows a bright path for transforming confusion and unease into joy and warmth.

SIZE : 110 x180mm
PAGES : 122
COVER : Paperback
ISBN :89-955350-9-1(03220)
PRICE : US $6.95

Today’s vast material wealth seems to have done little to alleviate the problems people face, or their sense of despair and meaninglessness. In the midst of this silent suffering, Seon Master Daehaeng introduces us to the profound teaching of relying upon the inherent Buddha essence that is our foundation and root. Through this practice we can find our own inner treasure and know the joy and worth of life.

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